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Paysage | François Hers
Colorful Landscape | Dall-E
Description d'un paysage | •K

How to describe a landscape ? In B&W as Francois Hers did. Or with a colorful painting an IA would do. Or with words as •K does.
Still a matter of art & language...

Tout est paysage, rien n’est simple, l’herbe au pied de l’arbre, le reflet de Narcisse qui se trouble à peine effleuré, le chemin que l’on suit en s’en écartant. Quelle œuvre est nécessaire ? Quel artiste est inutile ?

All is landscape, nothing is simple, the grass at the foot of the tree, the reflection of Narcissus which clouds when it is touched, the path which is followed by leaving it. What work is necessary? Which artist is useless?