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Neanderthal | Unknown, 75 000 years ago

To the right of the mask attributed to Neanderthal is the image created by the AI system DALL.E 2 with the prompt: 'An object whose nature is uncertain, whether it's an artistic sculpture or just an ordinary object.'

If the aesthetic value of these two objects is undeniable, the artistic nature of Neanderthal, not yet Sapiens, like that of an AI, remains uncertain. At what point do we become artists?

This creation is part of the Masterpieces series.

The mousterian "mask" of La Roche-Cotard | Found in 1975 by Jean-Claude Marquet
Silex (105 x 94 x 41 cm) and Bone (74 x 15 cm)
The Grand-Pressigny (France), Musée départemental de Préhistoire

Dall.E Image