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Australopithecus | Unknown, 3 million years ago

Proposal: Place next to the cobble, like ready-mades arranged side by side, a simple Inuit Inuksuk made of two stones, one on top of the other - and a Barbie doll.

Before modern humans, before Neanderthals, three million years ago, our barely human ancestors, simple Australopithecines who couldn't draw, let alone carve, picked up this stone and brought it home. Surely because it held a certain value in their eyes - and because that value was its meaning.

The Makapansgat pebble | Found in 1925 in a dolomite cave in the Makapan Valley north of Mokopane, South Africa
Reddish-brown jasperite, 260-gram, 8.3 cm long, 7 cm wide, 3.8 cm thick
The Evolutionary Studies Institute, Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg